The latest updates and improvements to Tola

Enabling Recurring Invoices and Bills

We've made it easier to manage recurring bills and invoices.

You can now duplicate any existing bill or invoice and it will immediately appear in your Drafts.

What we shipped:

  • Added bill and invoice duplication.
  • Enabled to pay bills with disconnected bank account.
  • Fixed a bug that wrongly showed paid bills in Drafts.
  • Made some credit card failures retriable.
  • Improvements to listing of bills and invoices.

Quickbooks Live Sync

We’ve completely rebuilt our Quickbooks integration from the ground up. Our integration now supports two-way synchronization for all bills, vendors, and payments. Any changes are instantly synced to keep your data up-to-date no matter where the change occured.

Say goodbye to manual reconcilation by connecting to Quickbooks in one click today.

What we shipped:

  • Improvements to streamline our onboarding process.
  • Improvements to our product copywriting.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented requesting payment information more than once.
  • Fixed a bug that gave incorrect expected payment dates after payment failure.

Improving Tola test drives

First things first welcome to the first-ever public changelog from Tola!

This week we’ve removed obstacles for you to test Tola without any commitments. Experience creating invoices, bills, and contacts hassle-free—except for fund transfers.

Come take Tola for a test drive today.

What we shipped:

  • This changelog page.
  • Simplified bank account verification with microdeposits.
  • Streamlined the process for adding bills and contacts.
  • Fixed visual bugs in invoice and bill lists, as well as spacing issues with buttons.

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