Unlock revenue tied up in your invoices today

  • Get paid for invoices 30+ days earlier
  • Get clear, transparent and fixed fees
  • Customer always privacy guaranteed

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Get paid early

How it works

Tola makes it easy for SMBs to pay suppliers, send invoices and gain control over business cash flow in one place.

Import, add and send invoices

Create custom invoices and branded payments links for your customers.

Check if invoice is eligible

You will see on the dashboard if the invoice is available to get paid early.

Get paid up to 60 days ahead

Receive funds locked in invoices ahead with a clear, transparent and fixed fee.

Get paid up to 60 days ahead

Your customers will not be notified when you use Get paid early.

Select an invoice and get paid early with a few clicks

When you create an invoice in Tola, we check if you an invoice and customer is eligible for Pay early with Tola. You will be able to do it by pressing a few clicks and funds will appear in your bank account.

Get paid early with a few clicks

See transparent terms upfront and clearly defined fees

Invoices are sold to Tola at a slight dynamic discount, but unlike other companies we provide the funds today - no advance rates or waiting around.

Get transparent terms

Get more cash flow flexibility to get the business moving

We know that slowing down the cash flow cycle can lead to lots of waiting and worrying, maybe even delays in paying people you owe money to, so let us do it for you.

Cash flow flexibility

Automate your accounts receivables

We have built the best in class tools to manage the requirements of any small business.

Send invoices and get paid

Send branded invoices and collect payments from customers directly to your bank account.

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